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7 Lake House Decorating Tips for Spring in WI

As we start looking forward to mud season up in northern Wisconsin (hey, we can start dreaming now!), does your to-do list include opening up your lake cabin? You bet ours does!

A while back, we put together a great guide for bringing your lake house back to life after winter, so why reinvent the wheel this year? 

Instead, we’re going to share 7 decorating tips to get those creative juices fired up and your cabin looking fresh and new!

Lake House Decorating Tip 1: Use Patterns to Add Elegance

red white plaid bedspread pillows fresh spring cabin pillows 54545

We love the lake house/cabin vibe, but if you want to add a touch of elegance, some ornate, traditional patterns are the way to do it! 

You could easily incorporate patterns into bedding, window treatments, or upholstery, but we especially love these fancy pillows. Not only do they look like a million bucks (without costing it), but you can easily swap them out with the seasons. 

Plus, they’re small enough not to get too distressed with the daily come-and-go of lake life. Love it!

Lake House Decorating Tip 2: Mix Up Your Seating

fresh dining room table mixed seating fun wood 54545 northwoods wi

Here’s a designers’ trick to bring some visual interest into your living or dining room… mix up the seating! Here, we paired handcrafted wooden chairs with high-backed upholstered ones. 

The effect is casual but elegant, interesting but not overdone! 

Lake House Decorating Tip 3: Use Ladders as Decorative Storage

ladder draped with blankets lake cabin warm inviting fun decor

Have you ever thought of using a ladder as blanket or towel storage? It’s functional and decorative! 

If you have grandkids running around, just make sure to keep an eye on them. Those little rascals will see this ladder as an instant playground!

Lake House Decorating Tip 4: Ottoman or Coffee Table? Both!

lakehouse decor color red chair black white striped sofa classic spring decorating

We love extra-long ottomans, because they can double as coffee tables! Just get a nice tray for drinks or snacks, and you have a stylish, functional living room on your hands.

Lake House Decorating Tip 5: Change Your Life with a Cozy Porch

hanging porch swing lakeside living red plaid dalmatian print pillows woven siding wi

Imagine how different your lake house life would be with a porch swing like this?! Get lost in good books, watch your grandkids get up to mischief in the lake, and soak up some firefly-speckled sunsets… 

Whether your future includes a cozy swing or not is up to you, but if you haven’t thought about your porch yet, consider spicing it up for comfort. Your summer on the lake will be all the merrier for it.

Lake House Decorating Tip 6: Sometimes Simple is Best

brown grey upholstered armchair wide deep seat cozy 54545 wi

For your larger items, sometimes simple and functional is best. This armchair is sturdy, has great neutral upholstery for hiding years of use, and is a joy to sit in… that’s sounds like a perfect combination to us! You can always accessorize elsewhere to keep the space feeling lively.


Lake House Decorating Tip 7: Add Wisconsin Pride and Some Smiles!

cute wisconsin themed pillows 54545 and home clever funny

life is better in wisconsin pillow lake house decor gifts

There’s nothing like a little Sconnie pride to make you and your guests smile. Because life really IS better in Wisconsin. 😉

That’s it for today, but we’ll be back next month with more helpful advice. If you need a little decor for your space, or a team to redesign it, we’re ready to help!

Just stop by, give us a call, or sign up for our monthly lookbook.

Lakeside Living Design

5 Trends You’ll Love to Integrate into Your Lake Home Decor

Once again, we escaped the snowy, dreary Wisconsin weather in January (at least for a few days) to travel down to one of our favorite events in Atlanta, GA — the annual Accessories & Gifts Market! We spent several exciting days checking out this year’s trends in accessories and home decor. 

Did the warm weather and vibrant colors all over the market leave us yearning for summer days by the lake with a fruity drink in hand? You betcha!

While we wait for those days to arrive, we are excited to share our 5 favorite trends with you. Take a peek, and we bet you’ll begin to dream about fun updates to make to your lake home in 2020!

1. Gold is Everywhere

  lakeside living cabin trends gold accessories wall art shelves decor

Gold is everywhere! Every golden hue from brushed to antique brass is making an appearance in accessories for the home. We saw gold wall hangings, cabinet pulls, candle holders, and more. Gold may feel like a bold move if you are used to more subdued finishes, but we are taking the leap — and you should too!

2. Bright, Vibrant Colors

color lake home northwoods wi 54545 lakeside living

Bright blues, orange tones, grassy greens, and mustard yellows seemed to be popping up everywhere we turned… and we love it! An easy way to try bright, vibrant colors is to incorporate them into your home with accent pillows and floral arrangements. 

New pieces that are both functional and colorful, like the one pictured above, can also make for an exciting upgrade to your living space.

3. Brightly Colored Tableware

cabin decor contemporary rustic lake cabin 54545

Speaking of color, we noticed lots of fun patterns and combinations of textures for tableware. If you’re tired of the same old tablecloth, plates, napkins, and centerpiece, take this opportunity to mix things up on your table.  

For example, ceramic dishes were mixed with wooden chargers, heavily textured placemats, and runners. In addition to mixing and matching textures, try to incorporate natural elements like pine and branches in your centerpieces in order to tie the look together… and make it 100% Wisconsin!

4. Mixing Rustic Elements with Contemporary

rustic contemporary mixed style lake cabin trends 2020 54545

We often talk to clients who think they have to stick with a single style for a particular room. Not true! In fact, we encourage you to get inventive… don’t be afraid to mix silver or gold with birch branches, wood with ceramic, soft with hard, formal with casual. 

Combining elements makes your home more interesting, surprising, and engaging. This is your chance to get really creative!

5. Eco-Conscious Home Decor & Products

lakeside living design colorful accesories eco conscious sustainable

This is one trend we should all get behind! Items like plant-based, biodegradable dishes which were both microwaveable and dishwasher-safe were front and center. Eco-conscious candles, soaps, and personal products were heavily featured, as were sustainable woods, faux furs and eco-friendly fabrics. 

We loved seeing all of the different ways that brands are caring about sustainability while maintaining the classic, tasteful style we all want in our homes. 

lakeside living 54545 baskets decor home cabin decorations

It was difficult to pick just 5, but how did we do? Did any of these trends surprise you? Which would you be most excited to add to your home?

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these trends into your lake home decor, come stop by our store. We’d be thrilled to meet you and help you select something extra special! 

Until next month,
The Lakeside Living Team

lakeside living design 54545 northwoods wi behind the scenes workroom reupholstery process

How to Know if You Should Reupholster Furniture or Buy New

If you’re looking to refresh your space in the New Year, you might be weighing the pros and cons of reupholstering your existing furniture versus buying new. 

While it’s no secret that we love to give used furniture a fresh take on life, it’s also true that not every piece of furniture is a worthy candidate. 

So here’s the big question… how do you know whether to reupholster or buy new?

Today, we’re answering this question and taking you behind the scenes of our custom workroom!

54545 lakeside living before after reupholstery cushioned armchair blue red

When should you reupholster versus buy new?

The answer to this question depends on your answers to these:

  • Do you love this piece of furniture?
  • Does it fit your body and have comfortable proportions?
  • Does it fit well in your space?
  • Is the frame holding up well?
  • Is the piece from a reputable manufacturer?

If you mostly answered “No,” then it is time to invest in new furniture. We can help you make the best decision for your space, style, and comfort.

If you answered “Yes,” then you’ll be better off reupholstering your existing furniture. We can add new fabric and batting, re-web the foundation, re-tie springs, and replace worn-out cushions.

Note: The investment for reupholstering versus buying new is nearly equal for a piece of the same quality.

before and after reupholstered traditional armchairs wooden legs red

And now for the behind-the-scenes peek! Here are our 10 steps to reupholstering furniture to look brand new, refreshed, or ready to be loved… 

Step 1: Estimating Fabric & Labor

The first step is to understand how much fabric is needed, how many man-hours are needed, and create a plan for the project.

Insider Info: The larger the pattern on your fabric the more fabric will be required for matching it. This is true of any project, from a simple pillow to window treatments to complex upholstery.

schematic diagram reupholstering furniture fabric

Step 2: Mapping Cuts

Do we really draw a map of each piece and where on the fabric they should fall in order to correctly match the pattern on the project? You betcha!

Step 3: Deconstructing Upholstery

For upholstery projects, we have to tear down the piece, removing all fabric and filler right down to the frame. We’ll repair the frame and re-tie springs as needed before any updates to the upholstery.

lakeside living reupholstering furniture process cost

Step 4: Fabric Inspection & Cutting

We closely examine every inch of the fabric for defects and flaws. No one wants a flaw, and we’re adamant about perfection!! Once we’re sure the fabric is up to par, we’ll cut it along the lines we’ve drawn.

fabric cut for reupholstering furniture northwoods wi 54545 lakeside living design

Step 5: Sewing Fabric as Needed

Whether it’s upholstery, a custom window treatment, or pillows, the next step is sewing the fabric as needed for the item. This takes focus, care, and really is custom work!

lakeside living 54545 custom workroom pillows cushions reupholstery window treatments

Step 6: Prepare the Piece for Fabric

Next, we begin reconstructing the furniture by adding foam, batting, and preparing the frame for fabric.

Step 7: Apply Fabric to the Frame

When applying fabric to the frame, we have to be very careful about matching the repetitions of the pattern for a seamless, classy look!

lakeside living custom furnishings workroom reupholster sofas chairs

Step 8: Add Finishing Touches & Inspect

Finishing touches include things like stuffing pillows and cushions. Once we’re confident the work is complete, we’ll inspect the whole thing from top to bottom to make sure it’s spick, span, and ready for your home!

Step 9: Wrap for Storage or Delivery

Whether we’re storing it for pick-up or putting it on a truck for delivery, we wrap up your piece with care so it arrives to you in pristine condition.

Step 10: A Loving Home

The final step is less about us and all about you. We love knowing that the pieces we make will end up in happy Wisconsin homes, where you’re sure to love and use them for a long time!

before after sofa reupholstered custom navy blue lake cabin 54545 lakeside living

Workroom Special – 20% Off Fabric!

To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering 20% off of the fabric used in any custom commissioned piece. This special applies to reupholstery, window treatments, bedding, pillows and cushions, and is valid through the end of February. 

Questions? Have any furnishings that could use a little refresh? Give us a call or reach out here

We love what we do and can’t wait to see how we can support your happiest home in 2020!

Lakeside Living Design

lakeside living cabin gift ideas and decor christmas northwoods wi

Gift Ideas for a Wisconsin Christmas

Christmas in Wisconsin is always a special time of year. There’s the pretty white snow, the carols, the nativity plays starring our darling grandchildren, and of course, the Christmas lights that bring the whole season magically to life!

Whether you’re in your cabin for Christmas or celebrating elsewhere, we’ve come up with several gift ideas to help you bring smiles and good times to the people you love most.

So take a look, get inspired, stop by to see us, and start spreading the holiday magic!

A Cozy Christmas Curled Up by the Fire

lakeside living cabin gift ideas and decor christmas northwoods wi

When we think about a cozy Christmas, we immediately think of curling up by the fire! Give the special people in your life everything they need to do just that…

  • Soft, plaid throws for color and warmth
  • Faux fur blankets for warmth and the coziness factor
  • Candles that add sparkle, shine and the perfect soothing ambiance
  • Christmas pillows for warm, fuzzy feelings!

A Christmas for Entertaining Family & Friends

lakeside living design hostessing gifts christmas northwods wi

Christmas is about coming together with family and friends, appreciating each other, and making merry as only Wisconsinites know how! Pick out the perfect items for the person who loves to entertain and has everything… or maybe that’s you!

  • Stag’s head rustic wine bucket for chilling white wines or champagne
  • Etched wine glasses in various patterns, perfect for merry-making!
  • Reindeer wooden nut bowl for evenings cracking walnuts together
  • Row boat salt and pepper cellar
  • Wintery tidbit plates and appetizer forks
  • Rustic reclaimed beam candle holder
  • Festive napkins for stylishly clean hands 

A Christmas that Won’t Go Out of Style

lakeside living design christmas gifts servingware owls northwoods wi

We love our Christmas decor here in Wisconsin, but we also love to entertain all year round! Here are several gifts that will show the hostess in your life that you’re thinking of her… and eager to come back next month… and the month after… and the month after. 😉

  • Various bird-themed coffee mugs
  • Tea mug with strainer and lid
  • Fun cocktail napkins and napkin holder
  • Adorable acorn measuring spoons
  • Classic white squirrel jar with lid

A Christmas that’s Fun for the Kids

christmas gift ideas for kids basketball hoop games animals northwoods wi

We all love Christmas, but when it comes to kids — they really love it! Be the parent or grandparent of the year with these fun finds sure to keep them happily entertained. 

  • Indoor basketball hoop
  • Cute and cuddly stuffed animals
  • Games and toys to enjoy together

A Christmas that Gets You Ready for Summer! 

summer sale holiday season outdoor furniture northwoods wi 54545 summer sale holiday season outdoor furniture northwoods wi 54545

Who said we couldn’t enjoy Christmas and get ready for summer at the same time? No one! Even better? Outdoor furniture is sold at a deep discount this time of the year, making it easier than every to stock up for sunny days ahead. We can also hold on to your purchase until the weather is more cooperative.

  • Outdoor pillows with fun lake sayings
  • Outdoor padded and faux wood chairs
  • Tables and side tables for serving and enjoying beverages

A Christmas with Ornaments!

christmas ornament vintage handmade 54545 northwoods wi home decor

Last but not least, what’s the Christmas season without ornaments? Stop by to see our selection in unique handmade and vintage ornaments!

That’s it for now, but I hope this post has inspired you with ideas for all the special people on your list. You can come on in to the store to see these items or let us help you find anything else on your list. 

We can’t wait to help you spread the joy this season!

To you and your families,
The Lakeside Living Team

Stop by our Christmas Open House on December 7th and save 20% on all of your favorite Christmas décor, gifts, and more!

54545 lakeside living design northwoods layering rugs cowhide jute cozy winter

5 Big Reasons Your Lake Cabin Needs a Rug

In our post about making your home cozy for the fall (and for the WI winter!), we mentioned rugs as a great addition to your lake cabin. But rugs aren’t just for decoration, they can also do SO much for your home.

Today, let’s talk about some reasons to love rugs and how to use them in your space. When you’re done reading, you can take a picture of your space, bring it on into our store, and let us help you find the perfect one!

**Psst! We’re also having a rug clearance sale from now through the end of January!**

Are you ready? Then let’s talk rugs.

1. Area rugs anchor a room and define a space

Especially in living or family room, placing your furniture on an area rug makes the space feel grounded (no “floating” furniture). This defines the space by giving it a border and makes the furniture feel like one cohesive group. 

Imagine this living room without the layered rugs? How would the furniture look sitting on the hardwood floor? Probably like they’re wandering. 😉

54545 lakeside living design northwoods layering rugs cowhide jute cozy winter

2. Layer rugs to add dimension and interest

Speaking of layering, this living room is also a great example of the design power of layering rugs. The bottom rug is made of a sturdy jute while the cowhide layered over the top adds immediate interest. It also makes the coffee table stand out more. Look at that gorgeous wood!

Trending: Skins are the new neutrals these days.

3. Area rugs create a color story and add texture

When the world turns to frosty white and evergreen in the winter, we turn to our homes for color, coziness and excitement — and rugs can play a big role in this. Better yet, the natural wooden interior of most lake cabins match everything. Amen. 

Don’t be afraid to let your eyes lead you to the colors that will make you the happiest this winter. When it comes to your home, your intuition is never wrong!

54545 lakeside living design northwoods rug colorful cabin

4. Rugs help protect your floors!

You know us… we can’t leave you without design advice and practical advice. Here’s the thing. We all know that lake cabins come with their fair share of tracking in the outdoors. (Especially if those wily grandkids are running around!)

The added benefit of rugs is that they protect your floors from dirt and debris, heavy furniture, and high-traffic usage. 

Pro Tip: Outdoor is the new indoor. Don’t be afraid to use outdoor rugs inside. They are perfect for high traffic areas, kids, and pets, and they’re very easy to clean.

5. Area rugs absorb sound and add warmth

When you add an area rug to your home, you’ll notice something interesting… the sounds in the room will become quieter. You won’t hear any echoes (especially in larger rooms) and the space will instantly feel more intimate, cozy, and warm. 

Neat, right? You can also hang rugs from the walls for an even more interesting source of texture and sound-proofing. Here’s a fun example:

54545 lakeside living design northwoods rugs clearance sale

Well, have we convinced you? If you don’t have any rugs in your home yet, you could be missing out! Come on into our store to take a look at how we’re using rugs. Better yet, bring in a picture of your space so we can help you find the perfect rug!

And don’t forget to come take advantage of our rug clearance sale going on through January!

We want you to be your happiest, coziest self this holiday season — and all your special guests, too. 🙂

Lakeside Living


Outdoor Furniture Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2020

Fall is here in Northwoods, Wisconsin, and right on time… because we’re are fresh out of this fall’s Outdoor Furniture Market! 

Going to market is always a treat for us ladies at Lakeside Living, but don’t be fooled… this furniture market wasn’t boasting trends for this colorful and leafy time of year. Instead, it gave us all a sneak peek at the furniture trends coming next year.

We got to glimpse into next spring, sat on all the furniture to test out its coziness, and best of all, we now get to share our findings with you!

Here are 7 of our top takeaways from this year’s market…

1. Gray as a feature color

Gray is like a blank canvas that you can spice up however you please. As a neutral, it complements any color scheme and adds depth to an outdoor space.

2. Blue is here to stay!

Blue is one of those colors we call “timeless” in the design world. Like gray, it complements nearly anything, and it instantly grounds your space with elegance. Outdoor rugs and accessories are an especially beautiful way to blend blue tones into your home effortlessly!


3. Bright fabrics for outdoor accessories

We saw lots of bright, new fabrics for umbrellas and outdoor pillows. Several were even machine washable — hello, innovation! If you’re looking for some color to spruce up your porch or patio, rugs and accessories are one way to do it.

4. Smaller furniture is back in style

In the past, some furniture lines have carried great, comfortable chairs that were lovable but… were simply too big for our lake houses and cabins. Now, they have scaled them down, and we couldn’t be happier! Same comfort we love, more bite-sized package. 😉


5. Functional sectional corners

I think we’ve all seen the square corner on a sectional scenario… no one can sit there! A side table is your solution. We love how this setup features a square one, fitting perfectly and offering function to both sides of the sofa. Waste not, want not!


6. Sustainable wood-like furniture

We spotted this outdoor furniture made in recycled plastic (happy planet), but it now has the look and feel of wood. Genius. We think these are the perfect find for someone who likes the convenience of plastic furniture, but without the bright “plasticky” look. Simple and beautiful!


7. Design is going nautical

Nautical was… everywhere. We saw roping and ship-inspired framing in all colors and variations! We can’t deny it… these pieces felt perfect for coastal areas AND for our beloved Northwood’s lakeside living. Sure, it might be autumn now, but we’re already dreaming. 😉


So, what do you think? Could you see any of these trends popping up in your lake home? Are there any you think you’d love all year long? Hopefully we’ve inspired you!

If you have any questions about these pieces (or similar styles), we’d be happy to point you in the right direction — whether it’s into the heart of our cozy retail store, as a custom piece made with love in our bustling workroom, or wherever we can find your dream furniture.

We want you to live at your happiest, no matter the season!

To you and yours,
Lakeside Living

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Lake House Extra Cozy this Fall

It’s no secret… fall is coming! This time of year is always a little bittersweet. It’s hard to see summer end and the grandkids going back to school, but at the same time… fall in Wisconsin is GORGEOUS.

There’s nothing better than watching the leaves change colors and cozying up by the fire with cocoa or tea and a good book. 

This time of year is also one of our favorites because changing out your decor is equally as fun! This month, we’re sharing our top 7 tips for making your lake house extra warm, cozy, and oh-so-perfectly fall.


1. Decorate your fireplace mantle.

You don’t need lights and Santas to style your mantle for the fall season! Instead, use natural wood, birch, pine cones, etc. Your home will also benefit from the herbal scent of these fresh beauties.


2. Make your fireplace the focus of the room.

Move your furniture around and assemble it so your fireplace becomes the focus of your living room. With a mantle that’s decorated for the season, and seating that keeps you huddled around the fire, you and your loved ones will feel extra snuggly!


3. Add cozy, soft textures to your living room.

A cozy living space would be nothing without, well, the cozy factor! Throw cozy blankets over the edges of your sofa or chairs, so they’re ready for those bundled up moments. Add a few alpaca, wool or flannel pillows. You can even add pillows and throws to porch chairs!

4. Layer rugs for extra comfort.

Layering rugs is a great way to get a cozy look with added comfort. Place a cowhide over a thick shag or pattern over a solid. Place your furniture either entirely on the outermost rug, or with two feet off the edges to frame the space and keep it feeling together.


5. Add some spicy candles for a fall aroma.

Candles bring warmth and comfort to our eyes, but they can also bring the same feelings to more of our senses! Scents like cinnamon, pine or pumpkin are perfect for the fall season, and will have you sinking into that cozy living room arrangement, feeling inspired to bake in the kitchen, or eager to sip some hot cocoa. (More on scents here!)


6. Update your bedding.

A cozy home doesn’t stop at the living room and fireplace… make your bedroom a place for good time snuggles, too. Add a fake fur rug or throw, flannel sheets, a comfy duvet and soft blankets. When the weather turns chilly, you’ll have the perfect haven for some cozy beauty sleep.


7. Refresh your stock of entertainment.

When brisk temperatures have us retreating indoors, we’ll want some entertainment! (Especially if the kids or grandkids are around…) Nobody wants to keep doing the same puzzles!! Check your puzzle, game and book selection, and add a few new faces for some extra fun this autumn.

Well, now that we’ve shared these tips, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited about the coming season!

If you’re looking for the perfect cozy accessories to transition your cabin from summer to fall, come stop by — we’re just as delighted to help you as if we were decorating our own homes. 🙂

Our best wishes,
Lakeside Living Design

Which Fragrance Best Fits Your Personality?

Do you have candles, oils, or any other kind of fragrance in your home? If not, we have to ask… what are you waiting for?!

The right scent can transport you to your happy place, get the party going, or put you instantly at peace. 

We use ALL of our five senses when we’re at home. So unless you’re baking fresh cookies 24/7, shouldn’t you play up your sense of smell to the fullest?

You betcha!

This month, we thought we’d have a little fun with scents and personality. Which one sounds the most like you? Then head into our store to put it to the test!


Which Scent are You?

The Wanderer

You’re a natural adventurer who loves to travel and sees the world through rose-colored glasses. People are attracted to your positive outlook on life and sweet temperament.

Scent: Layers of jasmine, vanilla and citrus infused with softness and warmth


The Nostalgic

You love to reminisce with friends and family and are no stranger to long, pensive walks down Memory Lane. You’re also a known storyteller, with a gift for embellishment and attracting listening ears.

Scent: Blend of fresh pine needles, cedar notes, and just a hint of sun-warmed earth

The Mystique

You are an enigma of the best kind — and likely to have a wardrobe of mostly black! Your charm is mysterious (even to you), yet you have an undeniably magnetic personality that draws people closer.

Scent: Blends of wood smoke, rich leather, and notes of golden saffron


The Life of the Party

You don’t go to parties… you are the party! You thrive in social situations and attract others with your sunny personality and love of fun. You’re also a natural connector, bringing together people from all walks of life. 

Scent: Musk with clean, crisp fragrance and just a hint of spice

The Child at Heart

Whether you’re with friends or flying solo, you always keep moving and are easily entertained. You love to laugh and see magic in the simple things in life. It’s also likely that summer is your favorite season!

Scent: Fresh cucumber with touches of honey and freesia


The Mediator

You’re a lover of peace and friendship and bring these values with you wherever you go. Your calm, stress-free approach to life is contagious to those around you.

Scent: Notes of blossoming lavender and sweet jojoba

The Realist

Not one to have your head in the clouds, you’re always sharp and see the best course of action in any situation. People appreciate your decisiveness, cool logic, and unerring tact.

Scent: Stimulating blend of peppermint and cool aloe


So, which one sounds like you? We’d love for you to tell us or come into the store to put it to the test! 😉

— Lakeside Living

Lakeside Living’s Guide to Packing a Perfect Wisconsin Picnic

When it’s summer in the Northwoods, we hardly need an excuse to pack a gorgeous picnic and enjoy it by (or on!) the lake. With the 4th of July coming up, we’ll take the excuse anyway!

Here’s a fun guide and quick checklist to the perfect Wisconsin picnic, for the upcoming holiday or any other beautiful day this season…

1. Best Picnic Blanket for a Dry, Comfy, and Colorful Seat

A wet backside can ruin a picnic nearly as quickly as bugs, so you’ll want a blanket that’s up to the task. (And some high-quality insect repellent, too.) 

We Love… Textillery Weavers Sunbrella High Performance Indoor Outdoor Blankets. They’re great at preventing soak-through. Plus, they’re machine washable (three cheers!) and resist sun and mildew damage. What more could we ask for?

2. Virtually Indestructible Outdoor Dishware Options

When you’re dining outdoors, using glass dishware can be a risk, BUT opting for paper plates is a good way to squeeze in an afternoon run… chasing your dishware all the way down the shore. We have a better solution.

We Love… melamine picnic plates and unbreakable wine glasses from Le Cadeaux! Not only are these options heavy enough to defy most winds, they’re also easy to clean and come in many lakeside picnic-worthy styles!

3. Classy & Creative Cleanup

When it comes to cleanup, not having a kitchen sink handy can require a little creativity. The solution: cloth napkins. They’re less likely to blow away in the wind or shred in your hands, and they’re much better at keeping those hands and faces clean. Plus, they add to the look.

We Love… any cloth napkin will do, but sometimes a colorful cotton kitchen towel works best.

Quick note: A travel-sized bottle of hand-sanitizer won’t go amiss here either, especially if you apply insect repellent or take a dip in the lake pre-picnic… two things you probably don’t want to ingest!

4. Best Food and Wine Ideas for Your Lakeside Picnic

Some things you probably do want to ingest…

  • Fresh fruits
  • Variety of cheeses (no shortage of great options in this beautiful state)
  • Artisan breads from a local bakery
  • Assorted crackers
  • Smoked meats or salmon
  • Wine!

We Love… the Wine Barn in Manitowish Waters. Fantastic options, and they can help you pair your wine selection with the cheeses you’re bringing!

5. A Final Touch to Create Your Picnic’s Ambiance

Part of the fun of a picnic is having it look like a picnic. You have the blanket and cloth napkins, the dishware, the food… Now you just need a mason jar to display some fresh flowers! 

Trust us, whoever is accompanying you on this picnic will be more than impressed by this simple but creative touch! Enjoy. 🙂


Lakeside Living’s Printable Checklist of Picnic Essentials

  • Blanket in high-performance fabric
  • Melamine plates and/or bowls
  • Plastic or metal silverware
  • Unbreakable wine glasses
  • Cloth napkins
  • Hand-sanitizer
  • Insect repellent
  • Fruits
  • Cheeses
  • Artisan breads
  • Assorted crackers
  • Smoked fish or meat
  • Wine!
  • Mason jar(s)
  • Wildflowers

Looking to find some picnic essentials? Stop by Lakeside Living today or give us a call!


Our Favorite American-Made Furniture & Decor for Your Home

With the 4th of July right around the corner here, I thought we’d say Happy Birthday to the good ol’ USA! 

This month we’re featuring some of our favorite products and some fun facts about their American makers. 

Ready to see what the folks of our great nation have been up to over the last 100 years? Here we go!

American-Made Furniture

The beautiful handcrafted bed, dining table, chairs, and porch swing below come from Old Hickory Furniture. They were established in 1899 (!) in Central Indiana and use only sustainable resources. Good for the country and the planet!

Norwalk Furniture, established in 1902 in Norwalk, Ohio manufactured this timeless sofa, swivel tub chair, and cocktail ottoman. 

Fun fact: This company halted production during WWII, instead using their manufacturing facility to create jungle hammocks, foot lockers, and grenade boxes!

Lloyd Flanders is a quality name in outdoor woven furniture… and they got their start not too far away, in Menominee, MI in 1909! Their furniture is still to this day produced in the same facility where they first started. That’s 110 years of history!


Glassware Made in the U.S.A.

These precious pieces were made by Rolf Glassware, a company established in 1981 by an immigrant family who moved from Germany to Western Pennsylvania!

Soaps & Lotions Made in America

Relaxing and invigorating soaps and shea butter lotions from Greenwich Bay Trading Company, founded in 1962 in Raleigh, NC.

Shea butter soaps and soothing candles, compliments of Michel Design Works… mmmm….

Which brings me to…


Designed & Manufactured by Lakeside Living!

That’s right, we design and manufacture our own furniture and accessories right here in Manitowish Waters! 

We gave new life to an old favorite with this reupholstered armchair.


Custom-designed fish for the sportsman in your home!

If you have time to stop by before or after your lakeside festivities, we’d be delighted to meet you and show you around!

Until then, have a Happy 4th and we’ll see you on the lake!

— Lakeside Living Design