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Summer Cocktails & Mock-tails for Independence Day & Beyond

Say farewell to cabin fever — summer is here! The long weekends on the lake. Family cookouts by sunset. We know you are itching to get out onto the incredible lake and enjoy all this season has to offer!

Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July or any other summer day with family and friends, we bet you will be craving some much-needed refreshments. That’s where we come in with the best cocktails or mocktails to get the party started…

This month’s featured cocktails are from Camp Craft Cocktails (you may remember the winter cocktails we featured here). What makes these cocktails unique is that this company is all about building community. They want you to share these cocktails with your friends and family, tell stories, and make memories.

Each cocktail has the same simple 4-step prep. Here’s how it works:

1. Add 12 oz. of alcohol or another mixer of choice

2. Refrigerate for 3 days.

3. Shake before serving.

4. Share this delicious and oh-so-easy-to-make cocktail with your family and friends.

Let’s get the ball rolling with the 3 Camp Craft Cocktail recipes you need this summer.

Sweet, Spicy and Floral: Hibiscus Ginger Lemon


Perfect for…

This beverage is perfect for a playful afternoon on the lake! The Hibiscus Ginger Lemon is a fresh, fruity, and fun beverage. The best part about these cocktails is that these drinks can also be made with boiling water and chilled to mix into iced tea or lemonade for an alcohol-free refresher.


This cocktail mix includes hibiscus calyx, ginger root, lemon, and hibiscus tea-infused non-GMO vegan sugar. (Alcohol not included.) And yes, the cozy mason jar is included!

 To Make…

1. Infuse your Hibiscus Ginger Lemon Camp Craft Cocktail kit with 12 oz of vodka (hot water for zero-proof).

2. After 3 days, strain 3 oz of the infused vodka on the rocks.

3. Splash in 1 oz of lemon juice.

4. Add 1 oz of soda.

5. Clink your mason jars in cheers.

Indulgently Sweet and Fruity: Sangria Summer Camp


Perfect for…

This drink is perfect for sharing after an adventurous day hiking with friends or sipping while enjoying a summer read in the sun … all we know is that this tasty, summer spin on red wine is the perfect pairing for your next potluck in the sun.


These mason jars come filled with orange, lemon, cherry, and citrus-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. Alcohol is not included, but a good time sure is!

To Make…

1. Infuse your Camp Craft Cocktail Sangria kit with 12 oz of rum (hot water for zero-proof).

2. After 3 days, strain 3 oz of the infused rum on the rocks.

3. Combine 1 oz of dry red wine or unsweetened red grape juice.

4. Add a dash of orange juice.

5. Sip and enjoy the lake’s summer sounds.

Summer Tropical and Tart: Flo’rita


Perfect for…

Maybe it’s Taco Tuesday, or perhaps you’re just craving a spread of tapas… The Flo’rita is a twist on the classic margarita.


This specialty cocktail comes in a mason jar packed with flavors including lime, pineapple, orange, hibiscus calyx, citrus-infused non-GMO vegan sugar. Alcohol isn’t included and is optional.

To Make…

1. Infuse your Camp Craft Cocktail Sangria kit with 12 oz of tequila (hot water for zero-proof).

2. After 3 days, strain 3 oz of the infused rum on the rocks.

3. Add a splash of fresh orange, lime, or pineapple juice

4. Enjoy the fresh cocktail in the warm sun!

What are you waiting for? Head down to our showroom and pick up these craft cocktail kits before you hit the road to the lake this weekend. Of course, only mix them up after you arrive. We’re all about summer fun done responsibly. 😉

If you’re looking to freshen up your cabin’s summer decor,  you can also pick up some of these beauties that arrived at our showroom in time for summer!

Until Next Month,

The Lakeside Living Team


Summer Arrivals: Accessories and Cabin Decor at Lakeside Living

Summer is finally here, and we are ready to leave the hustle and bustle of daily living behind! We are traveling up those winding roads of the Northwoods to get to the lake and escape the hot and sticky Wisconsin air. Who’s with us?

You’ve probably done some spring cleaning already and taken time to freshen up your outdoor living area. (If you need an outdoor furniture refresh, check out this blog post.) But have you thought about freshening up the inside? Adding decor and accessories to your lakeside cabin can create a cozy, homey feeling with fresh new life. The kind of feeling that renews your spirit for making memories in this new season.

As your interior design guides, we like to highlight a few pieces each season that will help you transform your cabin into a place where old and new come together in a welcoming and cozy way. Which elements are perfect for updating your cabin for summer?

You’re in luck, because today we are sharing our new summer arrivals…

Iron Candlesticks


Iron Candlesticks made by Texture 

These hammered iron candlesticks are effortless and beautiful. You can add instant interest to your space by decorating with a grouping of three candlesticks at varying heights. We particularly love how their rustic yet timeless feel help set an intimate mood.

Floating Shelves

We love these newly arrived and unique floating shelves. Lakeside decorating is all about bringing the outdoors in, and these live edge floating shelves are the perfect way to do so. We also have a reclaimed wood option, perfect for displaying decorative accessories, your Old Fashioned-mixing essentials, or even photos of past summer memories.



Pro Tip: Use floating shelves as a night table in tight bedrooms! 

Feather Vase


Made by Laura Zindel

This nature-inspired feather vase is simple yet lovely. Perfect for holding a fresh bouquet of wildflowers, a large candle, or some colorfully wrapped sweets to tempt your grandchildren. This hand-crafted ceramic vase is available in a variety of designs to fit your unique cabin’s style.

Feather Print


Collective Feathers color print by Barloga Studios

Celebrate the beautiful natural birdlife that surrounds our lakeside with a print depicting various feathers. Hanging in a unique metal and leather frame, this print will pull in the warm tones and textures in the room around it. It’s also a great gift for the birdwatcher in your family! Read more about how to liven up your cabin with wall art in this post.

Decorative Pillows


Decorative Pillows by Ryan Studio

These gorgeous decorative pillows are the perfect addition to a sofa that’s ready for some summer freshness. They are comfortable and made of beautiful fabrics, adding color, sophisticated textures, and filled with high-quality down inserts. You can’t go wrong with a well-made pillow to freshen up a neutral space.

Bicycle Statue


Bicycle Statue by Uttermost.

This bicycle statue expresses the joy of summer! The figure is aptly named Freedom Rider. We love that you can sense the liveliness and life this statue brings to a space. It’s the perfect piece to add to an end table or one of those reclaimed wood floating shelves we shared above. 😉

Bed and Bedding


Bed by Four Hands and bedding by Lakeside Living Design.

Refresh your bedroom with this unique headboard with leather accents and an upholstered frame. It pairs perfectly with these custom pillows in leather and patterned fabric for a touch of luxury and tranquility while you sleep. Read about bedding basics in this blog post.



The lake is calling! These oars make for great lake home wall decor. They add personality, a sense of adventure, and may even inspire the younger generation to get out and enjoy the lake with you!

Which piece is calling your name? Come to our store, see them in person, and we’ll help you pick the perfect piece for your home!

The Lakeside Living Team


4 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Fire Tables & How to Select the Right One

Imagine watching the summer sunset on the lake. As a cool breeze picks up, you contemplate heading inside for the chilly evening. But wouldn’t it be a shame to end the night while it’s still young? Instead, extend your outdoor living time and keep the party going with a fire table!

Summer evenings around a fire builds memories… lasting, homey, cozy memories where family stories are swapped and family game night competitions heat up. Believe it or not, the best memories are yet to be made, and they can happen around a warm fire table on the lake after a day of cornhole and fishing. Now that’s lakeside living.

Sounds picture perfect, right? Here are more great reasons to get a fire table, plus some tips for picking the right one for you and your family…

4 Great Ways to Enjoy a Fire Table

1. Fire tables create warmth on a chilly day or night

After the sun goes down and the warmth of the day fades, you may be tempted to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. But you are living your lakeside dreams, so why not stick around for stargazing? Better yet, tell the grandkids embarrassing stories of their parents growing up in the glow of a hearty fire. (Those kinds of stories stick with them!)

Selection Tip: Speaking of grandkids, if you know they will occasionally or frequently be around the fire table, be sure to select one with a glass surround for safety. You wouldn’t want those chubby and cute little fingers to get caught near the flames.


2. Fire tables set an unforgettable ambiance

Adding a fire table to a screened porch or enclosed four-season porch with ventilation is a perfect way to transform your space right before your eyes. The shadows dancing on the walls and the cozy atmosphere creates the ideal memory-making conditions.

Selection Tip: Fire tables are versatile in shape size and height. They can be round, square or rectangular. Their heights may vary from chat height (coffee table height), or dining and bar height. BUT — don’t just select the first one you see!

If you know how you want your fire table to be used, and where, you can select the height that best creates a cozy ambiance and invites family, friends, and guests to linger longer. For style, choose a fire table that fits well with the style of your home. This could be wood, stone, tile or metal.


3. No need to buy, store, tote or burn wood

Do you hear the words “fire table” and already smell the smoke stuck in your clothes and hair? Or what about the daunting task of hauling up a cord of firewood for the weekend? The best part about a fire table is that you don’t have to worry about those things!

Fire tables use a propane tank or natural gas to fuel the flames. Simply turn the fire on or off whenever you choose, for as long as you choose, without the firewood hassle or the smoke smell. What a relief!

Selection Tip: Propane is a better option if you would like the ability to move your fire table from place to place. If you choose a gas fire table, it will need to remain at the source.

lakeside living manitowish wi round fire table

4. Fire tables can become a gathering feature

A fire table doesn’t have to stand on its own. The best ones are a focal point that invite people to gather. To do so, we suggest decorating the area around it! Add comfortable outdoor furniture and stylish pillows for people to enjoy. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Outdoor Patio Space. A great outdoor living space is the epitome of lake house luxury and relaxation, and a fire table is just one beautiful piece of that.

Selection Tip: One of the joys of gathering grandchildren around the fire is… s’more-making! However, fire tables are decorative gas appliances, not meant for cooking, so you’ll want to do your marshmallow toasting elsewhere.


How to select the right fire table for you

1. Decide on the function first. This will help you determine the height and shape your fire table needs to be. Look at your outdoor space and decide where it will be going and the size of the space you have to work with. Other considerations include safety (will there be children around?) and how you will use it (dining around the fire or relaxing nearby?).

2. Select a style that you love and that matches your home. What is the current style of your space? Fire tables are usually made from wood, stone, tile or metal. What styles do you like? Decide if you want it to blend into the space or stand out as a feature.

3. Do you prefer to use propane or natural gas? This question may be a simple yes or no based on the availability of natural gas. Propane is an inexpensive option that does require you to run and get a refill. The more you use the fire table the more you have to refill the tank. If natural gas is available, it alleviates having to run and get a new tank like propane would, and the cost isn’t bad either.

Once you have these questions answered, you can find the perfect fit for you, your family, and your home. Let the memories commence!

Whether you are planning a family game night tradition or quiet evenings reading a book by firelight, a fire table will add that extra cozy ambiance to your outdoor living space and an unforgettable summer (and spring and fall) by the lake. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We can’t wait to help you get your outdoor space ready to host your first cookout! Visit our store to pick up all the outdoor essentials you need or get advice on how to create an outdoor space you will love.

Until next month,

The Lakeside Living Team



Ready to Beautify Your Windows? Our Team is Here to Help!


Over the years, we have noticed that there are two seasons our clients really show an increased interest in beautifying their windows…

  • Early fall…when they are looking to bring a warmth into their homes that will make the many cool days spent indoors feel more comfortable and enjoyable, and…
  • Mid spring…when they are daydreaming of sunshine and the indescribable beauty that comes with summer days at the lake.

During the autumn months, we are often asked to fabricate and install window treatments that will enhance the coziness of the home as clients look toward winter.

But in the springtime, clients come to us ready to accentuate their views with window treatments that frame the picturesque landscape beyond the walls.

And since we find ourselves in the middle of this latter “window treatment season”, it seems fitting to chat about all things windows…the styles of treatments available, our process for fabrication, and how these custom creations can enhance a home’s beauty and bring joy not only this season, but for many years to come.

Let’s jump right in…

Types of Treatments We Fabricate

While we’ve been known to branch out beyond this list, our workroom focuses on five main types of treatments:

1. Roman Shades


These stunning treatments are both trendy and timeless. Made of the fabric of your choosing, they are flat when fully lowered, and when drawn up, appear as graceful horizontal folds…equally pretty in either position.

With many options to choose from, including either inside or outside mounts, and the possibility of a stack when the shades are lifted, these shades are incredibly versatile and fully customizable.

2. Draperies


One of our most commonly requested window treatments, draperies are available in a wide range of styles…

  • Pinch Pleat Draperies: These functional drapes use more fabric and require more space to the sides of each window or door in order to stack off of the glass, but they add an elegance to the space that simply can’t be beat.
  • Ripplefold Draperies:  These drapes use less fabric and require less space, giving them a bit more of a casual look, and making them the perfect option for many rooms of the home.
  • Stationary Draperies: This style doesn’t open and close, but the aesthetic they bring to a space enhances the view outside the windows without taking up any glass real estate. Plus, these make fabulous side panels when paired with shades of any kind.

Even within these many styles, there are a variety of other choices to make as well…

  • Lining: Standard and blackout linings are available for any style and are often designated based on the drapery’s desired usage.
  • Hanging: The two most commonly used hanging styles are traversing rods made of either wood or metal, or rods that hold the rings of hand drawn hung draperies.

3. Cornice Boards


Upholstered wooden top treatments, otherwise known as cornice boards, are gorgeous alone, but even more visually pleasing when used over any kind of shade. The layered look provides an unparalleled designer quality that instantly elevates the look of any home.

4. Valances


Similar to the cornice board, valances are often used to hide curtain hardware and add a decorative touch to the top of your windows. Made of fabric, these are a bit more “flowy” than their cornice board counterparts.

5. Cafe Curtains


Best described as small draperies hung halfway up any window, these adorable curtains are most often used in the kitchen or bathroom for partial privacy while also allowing for light to stream in. They require minimal hardware and add a very cozy (yet light and airy) quality.

Types of Treatments We Source

While we don’t generally fabricate them ourselves, it is worth mentioning that there are a couple other options available out there if the above categories don’t quite meet your needs, and we would be happy to source and order them for you, if they are the right choice for your home…

Other Shades


  • Roller Shades: Very popular at this moment in time, the roller shade is a low-profile treatment that has clean lines when in use, and rolls up with minimal visibility when not needed. These can be made with a variety of materials that vary in opacity, and can be crafted using either inside or outside mounts.
  • Honeycomb or Cellular Shades: This treatment has been around for ages, but over the years, the technology has changed to allow for inside or outside mounts, nearly invisible hardware (as hardly seen on each window in the dining area above), and a wide range of opacity depending on the materials they are made from.

Shadeless Sun Protection


And one final option that is worth noting for those of you who might want sun protection without the look of window coverings…window films! We have worked closely with Mike Peterson at Window Enhancements, LLC in the past and highly recommend him if you are considering window films to protect your interiors from sun damage. Learn more and reach out to him via his website.

Our Process for Creating Window Treatments

No matter the style that you choose, we follow the same procedure for creating or sourcing your custom window treatments…

Step 1: Measurements and Client Needs

A member of our team will conduct a site visit to measure your windows. At that time, we will also discuss your needs (blackout lining vs. standard, inside mount vs. outside, etc.).


Example: Recently, a client came to us with an arched and rounded window in their loft that needed to be covered in order to better protect the inside of their home and the furnishings they had invested in. We went out to their home to measure the window, assess their needs, and get to know the family.

Step 2: Treatment Styles and Specs

With your needs in mind, we will sift through the treatments available and determine the best window solution for your home. From there, we will specify the fabric to be used, operating system or drapery rod, and any accessories for the windows that will help them look and work exactly as you envision.

Example: Knowing that sun protection and a custom look were the top priorities, the experts on our team (along with the client, of course) decided that pinch pleat stationary drapes with a substantial easy-to-use tie-back would be the right choice for this home. Together we selected a fabric they loved, the lining they needed, and the accessories that would take this custom project from good to great.

Step 3: Estimate and Contract

With the exact specifications in mind, we will provide an estimate for your project. With your agreement, we draft up a contract, have all parties sign, and we get to work.

Example: With the selections made, we provided an estimate and contract for our clients and began fabricating their draperies.

Step 4: Fabrication and Installation

At this point, either our team will fabricate your custom window treatment, or we will place the order for you from a company we know and trust (if the treatment you select is not one we create in our workroom).

Once the treatment is complete, our team will install the finished product, address any concerns you might have, and leave you to enjoy your newly enhanced home.


Drapes closed to fully protect the room from the sun…



Drapes tied back to review that incredible lake view…

Example: Upon completion of fabrication, we installed these pinch pleat stationary drapes in the client’s loft, made sure they knew how to easily tie them back each day, and verified they were in love with the look…which they were! The end result is an interior protected from the damaging rays of the sun and a window beautified by custom treatments that frame the stunning lake view outside.

If all of this talk of window treatments has you inspired to beautify your own windows this spring, please stop by or give us a call to make an appointment to meet one of our window treatment experts.

We would be delighted to enhance your views, elevate your interiors, and help you love your home as we head into another spectacular summer of lakeside living.

Until next month,
The Lakeside Living Team


What it’s Really Like to Work with an Interior Designer

We’ve all seen the HGTV shows that depict the glamorous world of home renovations and interior design.

Unimaginably dated homes are transformed into luxury living spaces before our eyes, and we get to watch it all play out 30-60 minutes at a time, believing that the process is as simple as they make it seem.

But if you’re tv-watching skeptics like we are, you probably have questions. Is all of that real? What happens behind the scenes? How much did that really cost the clients? And what is it truly like to work with an interior design team?

Well, you’re in luck…because today we are diving into that very topic: what to expect during your design project. Let’s get started…


What Does HGTV Get Right and What Do They Get Wrong?

Wrong: Decorators Don’t Cost a Cent

While we are made to believe that the design budget is spent completely on the renovation aspect of things, and therefore the decorating component must be free, that is far from the truth.

Decorators charge for their design services, as they should. Meaning that your overall project budget needs to account for the decorating/design fees that you’ll be charged.

Wrong: Designer Furniture is Out of Reach

Certain shows depict homeowners having to make concessions on furniture quality in order to get everything they want in their finished space.

However, the truth is that designers have access to a whole world of affordable, quality furniture that stands the test of time and adds beauty to the home, all without breaking the bank.

Wrong: You Need to be a Design Expert

We tend to see homeowners who know their stuff on reality home television. They understand exactly what their personal aesthetic is. They have ideas about what will and will not work in their current space or the home they are in the market for. And they appear to have done copious amounts of research ahead of time.

The truth is that working with a design professional is liberating, and you don’t need to have any design knowledge before contacting us. In fact, it is our job to do the research for you, which means that the decisions you are asked to make are informed, and don’t require much time or effort on your part at all. Sounds great, right?

Right: The Process is Fun

We will give credit where credit is due…HGTV does a phenomenal job of depicting the fun and excitement of each and every home renovation or interior design project. After all, we wouldn’t watch if it was boring, would we?

When hiring an interior designer, you can expect that same level of camaraderie, fun, and elation at the reveal. The process is fun and your final result is even better!

Lakeside-Living_Manitowish-Waters_Northwoods-WI_What-it-is-Really-Like-to-Work-with-an-Interior-Designer_Rustic-Cabin-living room-with-Local-Throw-Pillow

What Does the Lakeside Living Design Process Look Like?

Great question! Here is a brief overview of the process we follow when working with each of our interior design clients…

Step 1: Our Complimentary Design Consultation

If you’re looking for professional interior design, or even just some inspiration, one of our experienced designers will sit down with you one-on-one and get a feel for your unique style. Once a contract is in place, we will move forward…

Step 2: A Plan Tailored to Your Home and Lifestyle

As your interior design guides, we’ll lead the way. We want to help make your space feel just like home, which means not only getting to know your space, but getting to know you: where you’re from, your likes and dislikes, the hopes and dreams you have for your home.

With a complete understanding of your needs, vision, and so much more, we will discuss the scope of the work, solidify your budget, organize and prioritize all aspects of your project, and then cultivate a custom design plan that brings it all to life…

Step 3: Presentations and Re-Design, if Necessary

Our team will spend time pulling together everything we have learned from you and creating a design that ties together your lifestyle needs, design wants, personal aesthetic, and project budget into a beautiful package all wrapped up with a bow (figuratively, of course).

We then present our plan and ideas to you, listen to your honest feedback, re-design components if necessary, and start specifying products for the space. Once we have all agreed on the final plan…

Step 4: Purchases, Installation, and the Reveal

Then we make it happen! Our team will purchase, receive, and inspect every component for your new space. We address shipping issues, deliver the items to your home, and install them for you, without requiring you to lift a finger.

Once everything is in place, we reveal the completed design and celebrate alongside you as you experience your dream home in real life for the very first time.


Who is the Design Team Behind this Whole Process?

At Lakeside Living, our core design team is a trio of phenomenal women, and equally incredible designers (and supported by a team of other invaluable women that we’ll introduce you to another time)…

Meet Veronica, Lakeside Living Owner and Design Consultant Extraordinaire…


At the age of 4, Veronica learned to sew on her grandmother’s lap, and that was the very first step toward the conception of her design business. She went on to Custom Home Furnishing Academy for certification in custom upholstery, window treatments, and bedding. Just a few years later in 1995, Veronica established Lakeside Living Design.

She has an eye for creating one-of-a-kind spaces that bring her clients’ visions to life, and a warm and welcoming demeanor that keeps customers returning year after year.

Meet Barbara, Design Consultant and Outdoor Furniture Expert…


Barb has worked in retail as a business owner and buyer for over 30 years. For the past 15, she has focused specifically on outdoor furniture, becoming our resident expert in all things deck, dock, and patio. Many homes in the Northwoods have benefited from her ability to create interesting, comfortable, and peaceful outdoor spaces.

And when she isn’t on the showroom floor or in her office working that furniture magic of hers, she can likely be found sipping a frozen margarita with dear friends.

Meet Tracy, Design Consultant and Color Connoisseur…


Tracy has 15 years of retail experience, having spent the last 8 focusing on outdoor furniture and helping customers create beautiful outdoor living spaces. With her knack for mixing colors and textures that are pleasing to the eye, she is our go-to gal for not only outdoor furniture, but all of the beautiful accessories that accompany it…throw pillows, rugs, and so much more.

She adores working with customers from concept to completion, delights at seeing any project brought to life, and has a lifelong passion for animals…especially hippos (you’ll have to ask her why).


When Should Clients Reach Out for an Interior Designer’s Help?

As soon as possible, no matter the project!

If you are building from the ground up, the sooner an interior designer is involved, the sooner space planning is addressed. By enlisting a designer’s help from day 1, that designer will be able to work hand-in-hand with your contractor to create a perfectly personalized home for you and your family.

If you are remodeling it is also a good idea to have a decorator or designer involved early in the process for the same reasons. Once a contractor has gotten so far into the project, there is only so much a designer can do to work within the parameters of the renovation that is already under way.

If you are reinventing/refreshing any room in your house, a decorator can pull all the details together for you from their rich selection of product lines. This streamlines your product search and planning process, freeing you up to do what you enjoy.

So, if Lakeside Living sounds like the perfect match for your project, whether that is a whole home remodel, a new build, or a quick room update, don’t wait. Give us a call right away and let’s get to know each other.


Other Common Lakeside Living FAQs, Answered…

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

We charge $75/hour for a designer’s time once your project is under contract all the way through to the completion of the space. Keep in mind that our initial consultation is always complementary, so feel free to explore the possibilities before you are locked into a commitment with our team.

What services does Lakeside Living provide?

We do interior space planning (inclusive of floor plans), furniture selection, fabric options, accessory specification, window treatment design, wall color/treatment specification, flooring options, and more.

Does Lakeside Living handle remodeling jobs?

We are not architects, so we do not remodel spaces, but we do work with your architect or design-build team during the planning process so that the final furniture layout is considered and space planning is addressed well before the final house plans are in place.

Does Lakeside Living design kitchens and bathrooms?

We do not design kitchens and baths, but again, we do work with kitchen and bath designers to optimize space and room efficiency early on in the renovation process. We also help with cabinet and hardware specification, countertop selection, flooring options, and wall covering or paint color specifications for those particular rooms of the home.

What is the biggest benefit to hiring a designer?

Designers and decorators often make suggestions and offer solutions to problems that the client does not even foresee. By having this critical role filled by a trustworthy professional, you can rest assured that your building, remodeling, or design team is complete…and will think of absolutely everything along the way.


If you’re ready to talk about the home project you’ve been dreaming up, please stop by or give us a call to make a safe, private appointment to visit our showroom.

We would be honored to get to know you, talk about your space, and get the ball rolling for a remodel or refresh this year that helps you fall in love with your Northwoods home all over again.

Until next month,
The Lakeside Living Team

manitowish waters winter cocktail

Fabulous & Easy Craft Cocktails for a Feel-Good Winter

The majesty of ice clinging to the evergreens…the blanket of thick snow covering the earth…the calm and simplicity that comes with frigid days. Winter up here in the Northwoods is breathtakingly beautiful and particularly peaceful. As blissful as that all sounds, however, we are well aware that by the time February rolls around, the days seem to drag on and on and on…

The festive spirit of the holiday season has long passed. The allure of snowy outdoor activities has faded. Cabin fever has set in as visions of summer days, boat rides, and warm sunshine surface.

While we, too, are daydreaming of resuming our favorite lakeside activities and looking forward to all that is to come in 2021, we also have a solution for those winter blues that will cheer you up right here, right now.

A brand new line of craft cocktails that will warm you from the inside out, add excitement to your cozy evenings in, and help you transform your current dreariness into a feel-good winter. (Yes, we now carry these in our showroom! Seriously…stop by anytime. You need at least one of these in your life.)

manitowish waters winter cocktail anise cinnamon

So, Who Are They?

A dynamic duo from northern Florida, Rhonda and Suzanah of Camp Craft Cocktails, set out to share the two things they are most passionate about…cocktails and community.

In order to do so, they’ve created a line of pre-made cocktail kits (in Mason jars, no less) that help instill cocktail confidence into any home bartender… and infuse a bit of fun along the way. The type of alcohol varies from cocktail to cocktail, and yes, there are non-alcoholic substitutes for all of these, making them perfect for anyone and everyone!

Each jar comes with 4 easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Add 12 oz. of alcohol or other mixer of choice
  2. Refrigerate for 3 days.
  3. Shake before serving.
  4. Share this delicious and oh-so-easy-to-make cocktail with your family and friends.

Now, let’s meet the Lakeside Living Team’s favorites in the Camp Craft Cocktails lineup, shall we…

1. Sweet and Subtly Spicy: “Sweater Weather

winter cocktails in white mugs manitowish waters wi

Perfect For…

Chilly winter days when you’re craving both a hint of those beloved holiday flavors AND a taste of your favorite campfire treats.


An adorable glass jar filled with ginger root, vegan marshmallows, whole cinnamon, and citrus-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. (Alcohol not included.)

Winter cocktail kit in a mason jar

Directions For Our Favorite Recipe: Fuego y Amor

  1. Infuse the jar with 12 oz. of Reposado or Añejo Tequila. (For a non-alcoholic take on this, infuse with agave juice.)
  2. Refrigerate 3 days, then strain.
  3. Make your favorite hot chocolate, coffee, or tea and pour that into mugs.
  4. Add 1-2 oz. of the infused Camp Sweater Weather cocktail and stir.
  5. Top with whipped cream (plus a dash of cocoa and chili powder, if you like some spice).
  6. And as the website suggests: “Sip, snuggle, and enjoy!”

2. Cinnamon-y and Citrusy: “Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy kit in mason jar with two glass mugs Manitowish Waters WI

Perfect For…

Warming up next to the hearth with a roaring fire, ambient music, and the laughter of friends and family surrounding you.


A mason jar filled with dried apple slices, cinnamon, whole star anise, cloves, dried lemon slices, and bitters-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. (Alcohol not included.)

Northwoods WI Hot toddy made as a warm winter cocktail

Directions For Our Favorite Recipe: Hot Toddy

  1. Infuse the jar with 12 oz. of whiskey or bourbon. (For a non-alcoholic twist, infuse with vanilla extract and water…one part vanilla for every two parts water.)
  2. Refrigerate 3 days, then strain.
  3. Sip chilled, as-is, OR add the infusion to 4 oz. of your favorite hot tea or hot apple cider for extra warmth.

3. Fresh and Fruity: “Cranberry Martini

Winter Cranberry Martini cocktail kit Manitowish Waters WI

Perfect For…

Livening up an intimate dinner party or family game night with refreshing citrus flavors and an effervescent finish.


A ready-to-infuse glass jar filled with dried cranberries, dried lemon slices, dried orange slices, and citrus-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. (Alcohol not included.)

Easy Winter Cranberry Martini Manitowish Waters WI

Directions For Our Favorite Recipe: Cranberry Martini

  1. Infuse the jar with 12 oz. of gin, vodka, vermouth, or a combination of them. (For a non-alcoholic take on this, infuse with white grape juice.)
  2. Refrigerate 3 days, then strain.
  3. Shake well before pouring into serving glasses.
  4. Add 4 oz. of clear soda or tonic and enjoy!

4. Tangy with a Touch of Thyme: “Mountain Pass

Easy Winter Pass cocktail kit Manitowish Waters WI

Perfect For…

Cozying up with a good book in your favorite chair with that gorgeous chunky knit throw you were given for the holidays…savoring the snowy season.


A reusable glass jar filled with dried thyme, dried apple slices, dried orange slices, and bitters-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. (Alcohol not included.)

Mountain Pass cocktail kit in manitowish Waters WI

Directions For Our Favorite Recipe: The Mellow Season

  1. Infuse the jar with 12 oz. of gin. (For a non-alcoholic twist, infuse with apple juice.)
  2. Refrigerate 3 days, then strain.
  3. Combine 2 oz. of the infused gin, 2 oz. apple cider, 1 oz. lemon juice, and a dash of ground cinnamon in a shaker.
  4. Add ice and shake vigorously.
  5. Strain into an ice-filled glass.
  6. Garnish with an apple slice and cinnamon stick.
  7. Enjoy the inner warmth that washes over you!

If you’re ready to beat the winter blues with any of these craft cocktail kits, please stop by or give us a call to make a safe, private appointment to visit our showroom.

While you’re here, we’d also love to help you select some gorgeous serving glasses or cozy mugs that will further liven up these long, snowy, February days.

Let us help you say farewell to cabin fever and hello to a feel-good winter with great drinks, fun servingware, and lots of Northwoods living home inspiration.

Until next month,

The Lakeside Living Team


Manitowish Waters WI antique wood burning stove surrounded by stacks of wood

How to Reupholster Furnishings that Have Sentimental Value

In our line of work, we strive to find a balance between the old and the new. The just-manufactured and the well-loved. The newest technology and the techniques that stand the test of time. 

Sure, it is always exciting when we get shipments of accessories and artwork that can be added to our showroom floor. We love staying on top of the latest trends in cabin life furniture and decor. And it is our pleasure to share those items with you season after season. 

But there is nothing that feels quite as good to our team as when a customer brings a piece into our furniture upholstery workroom, one that has true, lasting, sentimental value. They come to us in the hopes that we can restore it to its former glory. It is those inquiries that bring us joy, give us purpose, and make us fall in love with this industry all over again. 

So today, we are going to share some of those stories with you…tales of cast-off upholstery that was given a new life…family heirlooms that were lovingly revived:

  • A Rocker Restoration
  • An Oak Chair Overhaul
  • New Life for Needlepoint
  • A Saved Settee

Come hear their stories…

A Rocker Restoration

One of our clients brought in this rocker that had seen better days…

Rocker before restoration in Manitowish Waters WI

It once belonged to his great-grandmother, whom he affectionately called Granny, a petite southern woman who loved her family well, worked hard every day of her life, and is remembered as a wonderful cook. 

While our client never had the chance to spend much time of his own with her, he was quick to recognize the role that Granny played in his father’s life, influencing his upbringing and helping him become the great man and loving father that he is. 

At some point along the line, this rocker surfaced, and while our client didn’t see any need to keep it, his wife instantly saw its beauty and potential. Her affection for the piece was all the motivation our client needed.

They brought the piece to us and our team reupholstered it to more than its original beauty…

Family Heirloom Rocker restored to its original beauty in Manitowish Waters WI

Our client and his wife were so grateful that this family heirloom was saved and preserved that their sentiments extended far beyond that of the rocker. 

He said, “In this throw-away world in which we live nowadays, I can say that I am truly grateful that my wife saw [the rocker’s] value, and because of her love for it, I chose to see its value also…I would encourage people to find the beauty in the old things of their life, whether it’s people and relationships or just some old piece of worn out furniture that needs some love and care and time spent on it!!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Reupholstering a piece of well-worn furniture can preserve the past, inspire others, and change lives for the better. (Have we mentioned that we love what we do?!)

An Oak Chair Overhaul

It wasn’t long ago that another client brought in a pair of Viking oak chairs…

Sentimental oak chair before restoration in Manitowish Waters WI

They were hand-carved, no longer manufactured, and most significantly, once made by a company owned by our client’s family. But they needed some time and attention. 

So our team carefully replaced the worn-out, dated upholstery, and gave these chairs a second life…

In Manitowish Waters WI restored sentimental oak chairs

We like to think they look as good, if not better, than the day they were made. Our client agreed and was proud to bring them home to display and enjoy for years to come. 

A New Life for Needlepoint

When a client brought in a piece of needlepoint art with an 80+ year history, we had no choice but to do our part in rescuing it. Four generations of women had worked tirelessly to complete the stunning needlepoint canvas that you see here…

Sentimental restored floral needlepoint stool Manitowish Waters

In an effort to preserve the painstaking handiwork, we carefully upholstered the canvas onto this stool, not only displaying the beauty and history in a new way, but also giving purpose to this piece that so many women had spent years perfecting. 

The result is a gorgeous stool that we know will be cherished by the family for at least four generations more.

A Saved Settee

Yet another client brought in this unique settee…

Manitowish Waters WI sentimental settee before restoration

It had been in the family for decades and saw many makeovers during that time. But it needed another facelift, and our team was happy to oblige. 

With brand new upholstery, a restored seat cushion in a complementary pattern, and our team’s extreme attention to detail, we created a piece that preserves the piece’s history while elevating and modernizing the aesthetic.

After restoration of a settee with sentimental value in Manitowish Waters WI

It is the perfect vintage accessory for this client’s Northwoods home, don’t you think? You betcha!

How Do We Do It?

Great question! The answer? Two words… or names, rather: Jay and Ann.

Ann Koester upholsterer of sentimental furnishings in Manitowish Waters WI jay fawley

Jay Fawley and Ann Koester

This phenomenal upholstery duo specializes in window treatments, bedding, cushions, and pillows for your home. 

They inspect any piece that walks through our doors, outsource any finish and frame repairs that need to be completed first, add new padding, remove old cotton and fillers that have an odor, create brand new cushions, and update the fabric. 

Sound like a lot of work? Not for them. They are the best of the best and can take any sentimental piece and restore it to its original beauty without sacrificing the history or value in any way. Jay and Ann are amazing!

Now it’s Your Turn…

If you have an older piece that needs to be revived, give us a call! We would be delighted to inspect and measure your piece, assist you in choosing the perfect fabric, discuss options for new seat and back cushions, and provide you with a quote for the scope of work. 

If you choose to move forward, we require a 50% deposit along with the signed contract. (Disclaimer: Sometimes problems remain hidden until the fabric is removed, so there are occasionally extra charges when unanticipated repairs arise, but we promise to keep in communication with you so that you aren’t hit with unexpected charges on your final bill.)

After that, you drop off your piece, we work our magic, and a transformed piece of furniture is delivered to your door. Simple as that!

The best news for you, though? 

During the month of February, we are running a 20% off special for all fabric with a signed workroom contract on a new piece or reupholstery.


This applies to window treatments, cushions, bedding, pillows, and more. Just ask us for the full list when we chat. 

It is our distinct pleasure to do what we do. It is a great honor to be trusted with a family heirloom. And it is an absolute joy to be a part of the restoration process that rescues well-worn pieces, breathes new life into them, and blesses the owners in the process. 

If you like what you see in the pictures, you’ll love it even more when the transformation is on a piece of your own! Our showroom is open (with safety precautions in place), and we would be thrilled to welcome you and your sentimental furniture in for a quote. 

Let’s take that worn-out piece that you wouldn’t dream of parting with and give it a new lease on life…preserving it so that you and your family can enjoy it for generations to come.


The Lakeside Living Team


Blessings of Life at the Lake: This Crazy Year in Review

Winter is upon us. The hours of daylight are fleeting. The lakes are nearly frozen over. Snow flurries are making a regular appearance. And life seems to have slowed to a crawl. Ahhh…December in the Northwoods.

Normally, we’d be looking forward to this time of year, where our schedules ease up and give us a rest from the hustle and bustle of daily living. This year, the quiet seems an all-too-familiar reminder of the months past, in which life came to a halt…and never seemed to resume.

But in the stillness and calm of the low-key holiday season, it feels appropriate to pause, to reflect, and to count the many blessings we have experienced in the midst of this unexpected year.

So in lieu of that trip you may have been planning this December, I invite you to travel with us down Memory Lane as we recount some of the wonderful experiences, life seasons, and home advice we’ve shared with you, our beloved readers, this year…

The Blessing of Travel

2020 started off with a bang when our fun-loving group once again escaped the snowy, dreary Wisconsin January (little did we know that this would be the only trip we’d take all year) to travel down to one of our favorite events in Atlanta, GA — the annual Accessories & Gifts Market!


We spent several exciting days checking out this year’s trends in accessories and home decor and came back with inspiration galore. From gold accents to vibrant colors, rustic charm to eco-friendly home products, we were filled with anticipation at helping infuse these glorious trends into your lake homes this year.

While brief, we are so grateful for this girls’ getaway that provided not only professional inspiration, but also time to connect and make cheerful memories together.

The Blessing of the Outdoors


As the weather started to turn milder, we began dreaming of days by the lake.  We found ourselves ready to watch the sun set on the patio while firing up the grill. So, in that spirit, we got a jump start on summer in Wisconsin and shared our to-do list for preparing outdoor living spaces for the sweltering days and warm, starry nights ahead. From cleaning your deck floors to preparing your furniture, airing out those cushions, adding seasonal accessories, and more, we had you covered!


And then with the summer days came a glimmer of hope. Things were trending in the right direction pandemic-wise, and, at least here in Northern WI, our lives started to slowly return to some new sense of normal. We had the chance to host family at the cabin for a cookout, reconvene the ladies’ monthly book club on the patio, and plan an intimate lakeside dinner party for close friends, which meant preparing our outdoor living areas for hosting with recipes, servingware, and shade coverings that would delight and inspire each of our guests.

It may have been brief, but those outdoor months up north filled our souls, renewed our spirits, and blessed us with safe, sanity-saving connections. Sure, we missed the Friday night fish fry at our favorite local supper club, but Old Fashioneds on our own decks gave us a new appreciation for our outdoor living spaces…and made us extra grateful for this beautiful place we get to call home.

The Blessing of Home

Throughout the year, the themes of comfort, joy, and peace at home seemed to resonate with our team and our wonderful clients. And with the ups and downs, the unknowns and disappointments, we’ve tried to do our part in helping others to move forward…with optimistic spirits and contentment in their homes.


We started small, offering decorating tips that would help take the edge off the dullness of winter and rejuvenate the cabin, making it feel fresh and new again. Fun patterns, varied textures, mismatched furniture, and some good ole Sconnie pride topped our list for reinventing the lake home and bringing some zest for life back into your family’s everyday living.


Taking this a step further, we created a game plan for organizing, decluttering, and redesigning a space that inspired feelings of security and comfort during those days that felt so unsure. Our five tips, from decluttering to decorating, helped many of you seize control of your space, your time, and the way you felt at home.


When we all needed a bit of cheering up, we were able to feature some of the unique and Northwoods-inspired artwork that we carry year-round. After all, art isn’t just an accessory. It makes you feel. With that thought in mind, many of you came in to browse our collections and ask our advice in selecting the perfect additions to the decor of your lake home…and we are happy to report that you left inspired and eager to elevate your indoor living spaces.


And as fall set in, with the changing leaves and regular scent of campfires in the air, we decided to tackle the coziest room of all…the bedroom. We walked you through the basics of bedding and offered inspiration for a comfy retreat that melts the stress away the moment you walk in.

We are so grateful for our homes. Our sanctuaries. The places we can be ourselves, experience the emotions of life, and find ourselves comforted by the people we hold most dear.

Tending to our homes this year has been a blessing…reevaluating our decor, redecorating in a way that inspires peace, and falling in love with our spaces once again. Having the time and energy to focus on our biggest investment has been a tremendous gift.

The Blessing of Work


We were able to start carrying some new lines of custom furniture for all of you this year, and we heard time and time again that these new additions to your home sparked joy and infused some excitement into an otherwise uneventful 2020.

While we had to keep the showroom capacity limited, we loved seeing your happy faces (well, eyes, let’s be real…since the smiles were covered with masks) as you browsed this new lineup and selected the perfect pieces for your lake homes.

Everything looked different this year, but we are so blessed to have been able to stay open, serving you in-person and at a distance. Thank you for your continued support of our business and trust in us. We are so very thankful!

The Blessing of Family

If you’re anything like us, you wouldn’t have survived this year without family. The nightly meals together, the impromptu game nights, the closeness you’ve grown as you’ve sheltered in place together. No, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park, but overall, the family time this year has been an indescribable blessing.


Knowing our families could all use a bit of excitement, we shared a few creative ideas for livening up your kitchen table on those sometimes mundane weeknights with out-of-the-box dinner plans, inspiration for family activities, and a lot of crazy tabletop fun.


And as the holiday season approached without the promise of merry gatherings and large family get-togethers, we put on our thinking caps and shared some of the ways that we plan to show our loved ones how much they mean to us this year. From mailing a gift to sending a card, bringing them dinner, catching up virtually, and more, we brought ideas for closeness, even when you must be far away.

So, as we wrap up this year in review, we realize just how much we have to be grateful for. Our homes, our health, our livelihoods, our loved ones, and all of you — our lovely, loyal customers.

Despite the setbacks and disappointments, the frustrations and unknowns, we’ve persevered, endured, and even thrived…continuing to move forward with hope for the future, joy in the gifts we have been given, and peace with the season we are in.

May you find the time to reflect and rejoice this holiday season, no matter where you are.

With love and gratitude,
The Lakeside Living Team


5 Ways to Show Loved Ones You Care this Holiday Season

This is usually the time of year where we invite loved ones into our lake homes for a roaring fire, great food, and festive beverages (cue the brandy and eggnog). We reminisce about the events of the year gone by and laugh until it hurts. We play silly games (hello, holiday charades), sing carols around the baby grand piano, and make new memories together.

But not this year…

It is no secret that 2020 has been anything but conventional. From virtual school to working from home, shopping almost solely online, halting all activities, and cancelling vacations, it is easy to focus on all of the things that we missed out on this year.

But what about all of the good that has come from this year?!

The quiet evenings in with your spouse, filled with lively conversation and a glass of the best wine. The wide-open calendar that afforded you time to finally sit down by the lakeshore and read a page-turner this summer. The slower pace of life that let you truly live in the moment all year long.

You see, when you look at things that way, we do have so much to be thankful for this year. Our health. Our homes. Our free time. Our memories. And our loved ones.

Sure, we may not be gathering or hosting this year, but that isn’t the only way to show friends and family that we care. Whether near or far, here are 5 simple ways to express your love for others and gratitude for their place in your life this holiday season…


Idea #1: Send a Gift

During this season of giving, why not send something that reminds your loved ones of all the special times you’ve shared at the lake around the holidays. A gift that evokes memories. One that makes them feel they are part of your holiday celebration this year, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

A few local ideas…

  1. A holiday-scented candle from Cranberry Square Farm Market. Whether you opt for the intoxicating scent of pine or the lively notes of a cranberry blend, when your loved one lights this candle, they’ll be instantly transported to the Northwoods, feeling close to you in spirit.
  2. A gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi at The Spa to be redeemed the next time your loved ones come to visit, they are sure to feel celebrated and cherished knowing that some well-deserved pampering is on the horizon.
  3. A cozy blanket or throw pillow from our team at Lakeside Living in a lake life or woodland pattern. When your friends and family wrap themselves in the warmth of your gift, they’ll feel your loving embrace, even when you’re not physically together.


Idea #2: Mail a Card

Even better than a gift to show your loved ones how much you care? Spelling it out for them in a handwritten letter. Although some might view this as old fashioned, we think that the best expression of your love is taking the time to put pen to paper. Tell friends and family just how much they mean to you and how much you miss their company this year.

If you’re looking for some unique holiday cards, pick up a set from Whimsies and fill them with your own sentiments for a joyful holiday season.


Idea #3: Video Chat

Nothing will ever replace giving your grandchildren a giant hug as they walk through the front door of your home, but you can still share in their joy this holiday season with a family video chat.

Some creative ideas…

  1. Exchange family recipes ahead of time so that everyone can make some of the same special dishes. Then, join a group Zoom call (have you heard of Zoom yet??) while you each eat your big holiday feast. It will be nearly as good as if you were all around the same table.
  2. Have your children and grandchildren Facetime you (the built-in iPhone video app) while they open their gifts so that you can experience the smiles on their faces when they look inside the box and see that toy they couldn’t live without.
  3. Want to have some extra fun together from a distance? Gift your loved ones a “Game Night In” that you can all enjoy together. Laughter…check! Fun…check! Quality time…check! We think this one is well worth the investment.


Idea #4: Order a Meal

Since you can’t gather for dinner together this December, why not gift your nearby friends and family with a delicious meal from a local restaurant? Order takeout, pick it up, leave it on your loved ones’ doorstep (along with a note from you, of course), and give them a call so they know to look outside.

It is like ding-dong-ditch, but so much better! Your gift of hospitality at a distance will speak volumes during this time of year where we are so busy baking that the last thing we want to do is make a full-blown meal.

Some great local ideas…

  1. Aberdeen Restaurant & Bar isn’t just well-known because of their waterfront dining…their casual Northwoods fare is like your favorite Wisconsin supper club…only better! You can’t go wrong with their carry-out menu.
  2. Aurora Borealis, specializing in contemporary, high-quality American cuisine, is sure to be a hit as well. On Friday nights, they even offer a take-out fish fry. And the best part?! You can get bottles of wine and 6-packs of beer to go. Talk about a celebration!
  3. Would you rather wait until you can dine together? Then how about a gift certificate to Little Bohemia Lodge…a delicious dinner at this establishment that has been open and adored for almost a century is well worth the wait!
  4. Or maybe a simple bottle of wine and a couple of fancy cheeses is more your loved one’s style? If so, visit The Wine Barn to select a varietal and some accompanying charcuterie staples that are sure to set the mood for a festive holiday evening.


Idea #5: Buy Flowers

One final way to show your family and friends you’re thinking of them this year? A beautiful, seasonal flower arrangement from Village Market Floral or  Lori’s Flower Cottage.

Whether they choose to put it in the kitchen to enjoy while they prepare their big holiday meal, or it is the dining table centerpiece that steals the show, your loved ones will grin from ear to ear each time they glance at that stunning, festive bouquet, hand-selected by YOU!


Of course we’d all prefer a traditional holiday season…full of big gatherings, an overabundance of sweets, and time spent in person with those we hold most dear. But since that isn’t in the cards this year, it is up to us to make this season extra special.

With a little creative planning, we can make this December one to remember for our family and friends. We guarantee your thoughtfulness will mean even more during this unpredictable time. So what are you waiting for?!

If you’re interested in shopping for that perfect gift in our store, give us a call to make a private appointment to visit our showroom. Or if you’d rather browse at a distance, we  would be glad to help you shop virtually through pictures and then have your packages ready for curbside pick-up.

No matter what, we’d be thrilled to help you select an item that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Until next month,
The Lakeside Living Team