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Brighten Your Space (and your mood!) With Our Favorite Lighting Tips


Nothing spells fall like dark, cozy nights at home… preferably with a candle twinkling, surrounded by fall decor and blankets and a good book to read! Unfortunately, lighting is often an afterthought when it comes to household decor, even though lighting can do so much more than just brighten a space. In fact, light can make or break the feeling and function of a room. And, when it’s used correctly, it can be the unsung hero of interior design. Learn our favorite ways to incorporate light into your home to boost function and ambiance and lift your mood this season.

Step 1: Think Layers

Think Layers

When it comes to choosing lighting features for a space, consider a layered approach. For example, try using ambient, task and accent lighting to give your room a wide range of functionality and a custom look and feel for your space.

Ambient lighting, which might include natural light or overhead fixtures, helps create the overall brightness and mood of a space. Add in task lighting, like an interesting floor or table lamp, beside a plump chair or sofa. Finally, consider adding accent lights to highlight nooks, bookshelves or artwork.

By mixing and matching your lighting, you’ll create depth in your space while maintaining function and ambiance.

Step 2: Consider the Space

Consider the Space

Lighting should be tailored to meet the needs, functions and moods of each room in your home. For example, consider using bright, task-focused lighting in your kitchen, which will help in meal prep (especially during the dark nights of fall and winter).

In contrast, bedrooms should have softer lighting for resting, relaxation and reading. Try using yellow bulbs in overhead fixtures, bedside lamps, or a cluster of flameless candles to create a more peaceful ambiance.

Consider each room’s purpose and adjust your lighting to meet your needs. When you tailor your lighting to the room, it makes the space feel welcoming and inviting.

Step 3: Brighten Dark Corners

Brighten Dark Corners

Overhead lighting rarely brightens an entire room, and corners are often dark and overlooked, making them less functional without natural light. Add a well-placed floor lamp by an armchair to create a cozy reading nook, a wall sconce to highlight a favorite piece of art, or a few candles on a shelf.

By brightening unexpected nooks and crannies, you’ll add visual interest to your space, highlight oft-neglected areas and add to the room’s overall ambiance.

We hope these tips and tricks help brighten your season as daylight savings time brings earlier evenings