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Our Go-To Gifts


Silver Bells, silver bells…

It’s that time of year, friends! From tinsel and trees to sparkles and Santa, we’re going to squeeze every last bit of holiday joy out of the next month.

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the hallmarks of the season, and whether your shopping list is a mile long or not, it can be a bit daunting to make sure you’ve found that “special” something for those you know and love.

That’s why we are beyond thrilled to share one of our very favorite topics each year: holiday gifts!

When it comes to choosing a gift this time of year, we love to focus on the senses. Think soft textures, twinkly lights, the smell of pine, the taste of peppermint…With that in mind, take a look at some of our favorite choices this year. Happy Shopping!

Most Loved Gift Ideas: The Five Senses

Touch: The Softest Throw
When it comes to winter, a great blanket is a must-have. From plush sherpa to milky velvet and warm wool, blankets are the perfect companion to snuggle up with on a snowy night. We love choosing a seasonal pattern, like plaid or dark stripes, and a slightly heavier weight (think wool or flannel). Whatever you choose, it’s one of our most-loved-gifts.

Smell: Luxurious Scents
When we think of the holiday season, it’s hard not to think of all the amazing fragrances that go along with it. Pine trees. Cinnamon. Fresh-baked cookies. That’s why we love gifting fragrances, and there are a ton of options available. We’d recommend pairing a seasonal hand soap with a diffuser or candle.

Sight: Sparkles & Shine
Nothing catches your eye quite like the twinkling lights of a tree, or the shine of a beautiful ornament. When it comes to gifting, we love to wrap up something that sparkles. While jewelry is always a winner in our book, we also love the tradition of gifting an ornament. Choose one that has meaning to you or your loved one, one that matches their room or makes you laugh. Whatever you choose, ornaments are a great go-to gift!

Taste: All Things Wooden
Wooden bowls, dishes and boards just make food look better, don’t they? Gift a wooden paddle and fixings for a charcuterie board, or a salad bowl with your favorite seasonings. Wood is trendy, functional and a great all-around gift idea.

Hearing: Bells and Whistles
Driving around and looking at lights while listening to festive music is the ultimate holiday activity. And gifting the sounds of the season is one of our very favorite ways to spoil those we love. While gifting music (or these days, a gift card to Spotify or Apple) is always a great choice, there are other ways to incorporate sound into your holiday gift. We love the simplicity of a silver bell for the tree or a snow globe that plays music.

We hope this list helps inspire you to find that perfect gift for someone you love and cherish – and please stop in our shop anytime if you’d like extra assistance choosing something special this holiday season.