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3 Tips for A Perfect Summer Patio


Summer is flying by, like it always seems to do in northern Wisconsin. As we hit the halfway mark on the season, there’s never been a better time to get inspired about refreshing your outdoor space.

Whether you have a huge backyard, a cozy patio or a three-season porch, careful planning and intentional design can ensure you have an outdoor space that is relaxing, functional and as “you” as your actual home.

Here are three things to consider when you design your outdoor space!

Step 1: Take note of the size and shape of your space

By recognizing the physical dimensions (and limitations) of your space, you’ll have a better understanding of how to position furniture, plants and decor to make the most of the area.

Do you have a side that could use more privacy? Consider adding a privacy screen, trellis or large planters to give you and your guests more solitude. Do you have enough space to create separate sections for dining and lounging, or should you consider pieces of furniture that can play double duty?

Step 2: Think about how weather impacts your area

Weather can affect your enjoyment of the outdoors in ways beyond the rain or cold. If your patio gets too much sun in the afternoons, consider adding a shade solution such as an umbrella, awning or pergola, and help make your patio area usable even in the heat.

Another factor to consider when it comes to weather is the durability of your furniture. Opt for materials that can withstand our area’s (sometimes harsh) outdoor conditions, such as marine grade polymer (MGP), teak and waterproof cushions. By choosing high quality, durable pieces, you’ll save yourself the headache of having to replace items that can’t handle the climate.

Step 3: Comfort/Relaxation

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to consider how your outdoor space can serve you. After all, spending time outdoors in the summer is a treat for Wisconsinites, and creating a backyard or patio you feel at home in is essential to making the most of our short summer months. As you plan your space, consider how it makes you feel, and whether it’s meeting your needs.

Are your chairs comfortable for those lazy days at home? Do you have enough seating for entertaining guests? Do you wish you had more pillows, an outdoor bar, or a fire pit? Consider what brings you joy inside your home, and find a way to bring that essence outside.

We hope these tips help you create an outdoor oasis you can enjoy for summers to come! For more ideas and inspiration, stop by our shop and let our team answer your questions, support your vision and implement your goals from big to small.