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5 Simple Home & Decorating Tips for More Joy & Security

Well, aren’t we all going through some interesting times right now! If you’re near Northwoods, Wisconsin (or further south, just waiting for cabin season), you are probably doing exactly what we are and “sheltering in place.”

It’s… not the easiest time. But as hard as it is to hunker down at home and be away from our smiling clients, kids, and grandkids, we also know it’s the best way to protect our community. And we’re all in this together. 

However, that sure doesn’t mean we can’t “shelter at home” in style!

That’s why we’re dedicating this month’s blog post to helping you make the most of your home these days:

  • Organizing tips for bringing a sense of peace and control.
  • Simple decorating touches can inspire daily joy.
  • Design elements known to enhance feelings of security and comfort.

Whatever you could use a daily boost of, your home can help you do it! Without further ado, let us show you how….

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1. Seize Control and Purge the Clutter

You may or may not like cleaning, but I bet you can agree that an organized and clutter-free space works wonders for one’s peace of mind. Not only is decluttering like lifting a weight off our spaces (and ourselves), it’s also a way to insert some control back into our lives. So much these days feels beyond our power to fix or change, but we can control the little things. Like our homes. And we’ll feel much better when we do!

To keep the exercise enjoyable and not overwhelming, I suggest starting with one room or space at a time. This could be a “junk drawer,” a closet, even your garage if you’re really feeling ambitious. Place items into “trash,” “donation,” or “storage” bins, so you can move them on to their new homes with little fuss.

By tackling small goals at a time, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and your home will transform before your eyes!

kitchen counter subway tile cabinets spatulas in red vase cutting boards wood

Clear space, ready for creativity and peace of mind.

2. Make Life Easier with Organization

Along with decluttering, it’s also a lovely idea to organize your space. In other words, once your unneeded items have exited the building, you can start focusing on the best places and arrangements for everything that’s left. A helpful strategy that we like to use is to go through the motions of using your home like you usually do and picture what you would need and where.

For example, when you’re cooking, where are the knives and utensils? Are they conveniently placed near your cutting board? And near the sink where you always wash fruits and vegetables?

We all use our homes differently, so take a walk through yours, get creative, and try organizing in new ways that just might stick for the next several years!

woven baskets tan white black chevron stripes organization 54545

Baskets are great for organizing.

3. Test Drive Some New Habits

Speaking of sticking, here’s a tip that we just love to give… habit forming! We know, old habits die hard, but if you have any goals you’d like to accomplish, design can help you do it. How, you ask?

Let’s say you have a goal to be more active and go for walks. Well, you could put your walking shoes in an impossible-to-miss place, such as right on top of your favorite sitting chair. Want to spend less time browsing the internet? Dedicate one room in your home as a technology-free zone. (Do this in your bedroom and you will sleep like a child!)

With all this free time we have, we encourage you to take a look around your space and see how IT can help YOU live how you really want to.

hiking boots brown tan leather jeans habits

4. Boost Your Mood with Color

If you’ve ever dropped by our store, you know we like color. From hand-painted accessories to checkered pillows, plaid upholstery to multi-colored rugs, a little color is good for the soul. In fact, they say color has many positive benefits on emotion.

For feelings of safety and security, embrace greens and deep, grounding blues. For feelings of calm and lightness, lighter blues, beiges, and white (but not all-white rooms, as they’ll feel sterile). For creativity, violets and purples; for sociability, oranges yellows or pinks.

But these are just general guidelines. The emotional impact of color is unique to each person. Only you know how they make you feel. So take a walk around your home, find some items in colors that make you feel great, and incorporate them into your favorite spaces. Or make a wishlist, and come see us when we’ve opened up shop again! 😉

burnt orange sofa button tufted pattern blanket draped coral books side table

5. Harness the Power of Design on Wellbeing

Last but not least, color isn’t the only design element that impacts how you feel — EVERY aspect of your home, from the flooring to the counters to the decor, contributes small (or big) character to the space. So how can you pick the right elements for you?

For coziness and security: soft textures, natural elements like wood, and a space that feels comfortably full

For freshness and ease: clean curves, greenery (faux or fresh), and open space

For joy and energy: saturated colors, patterns, and little surprises (such as mixed seating or a whimsical painting)

Again, these are general guidelines to help you start, but the choice is personal and completely your own. You can get creative and explore!

potted indoor plant inside woven basket coffee table 54545

And there ya go! 5 tips, from decluttering to decorating, that will help you seize control of your space, your time, and the way you feel at home.

We want nothing more than to support you during these unprecedented times, so if you have any questions at all about decorating or your space, call us at 715-543-8131 or reach out to us on Facebook!

To your safety, happiness and health,
The Lakeside Living Team